• Blends for Tough Application
  • Non-Ionic Surfactants
  • Alkylglucosides
  • Amphoterics
  • Diamines
  • Fatty Amine Ethoxylates
  • Fabric Softener
  • Biocides/Disinfectant Actives
  • Performance Polymers

  • Blends for Tough Application

    Berol 226

    Optimized combination of narrow range ethoxylated alcohol with high performance cationic hydrotrope that boosts cleaning.

    Main Application : Industrial & Institutional Cleaning , Heavy Duty Degreasing, Vehicle Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning.

    Berol LFG 61

    Extremely low foaming blend of alkyl glucoside & alcohol ethoxylate, stable & soluble in 40% caustic.

    Main Application : CIP, Machine Dishwash, Dairy Industry, Breweries.

    Berol DGR 81

    Medium Foaming blend of alkyl glucoside & alcohol ethoxylate, with high wetting properties, stable & soluble in 40%caustic.

    Main Application : Heavy engineering Cleaning, Metal Cleaning.

    Berosol EC

    Optimised Blend based on synergy between nano particles & surfactants, which gives anti fogging & anti soiling properties.

    Main Application : Glass Cleaning, Ceramic Tile Cleaning, Car Wash.

    Non-Ionic Surfactants

    Berol 266 C9-11+5.5E

    It is a linear narrow range alcohol ethoxylate with two cloud points in water, effective cleaning at low & high temperatures.

    Main Application : Detergent for textiles, emulsifier.

    Ethylan 1005 C10 + 5EO

    It is a very low foaming non-ionic surfactant, which exhibits excellent wetting & fatty soil removal in water based cleaning    products.

    Main Application : Emulsifier, Rinse Aid for Machine Dishwash.

    Ethylan 1008 C10 + 8EO

    Branched alcohol ethoxylate, medium to high foaming & effective at low concentrations.

    Main Application : Degreasing, microemulsion.

    Ethylan CPG 7545

    Alcohol ethoxylate/propoxylate with good wetting properties.

    Main Application : Rinse Aid, Bottle washing, Dishwashing.


    AG 6202

    C6 Alkylglucoside. Low Foaming, dispersing, wetting, soluble in 26% caustic.

    AG 6206

    C8 Aklylglucoside. Low Foaming, dispersing, soluble in 50% caustic.

    AG 6210

    C8-C10 Decylglucoside. High Foaming, dispersing, wetting, soluble in 50% caustic.


    Ampholak YJH- 40

    Octyliminodipropionate, 40% Active. Low foaming, stable in high caustic.

    Ampholak YCE

    Complex Cocoiminipropionate. Corrosion protection, foam booster.

    Ampholak XCE

    Complex Cocoiminidiglycinate.Dispersing properties,foam booster.


    Duomeen O

    Oleyl Propylenediamine Paste.

    Main Application : Chain Lubricant, industrial metal cleaning, corrosion inhibitor.

    Duomeen C

    Coco Propylenediamine

    Main Application : Chain Lubricant, industrial metal cleaning, corrosion inhibitor.

    Fatty Amine Ethoxylates

    Ethomeen C/12

    Coco amine 2EO.

    Main Application : Emulsifying, thickening of non polar solvents.

    Ethomeen O/12

    Oleyl amine 2EO

    Main Application :Corrosion inhibitor, Acid thickener, TBC

    Fabric Softener

    Arquad 2HT-75

    Di (hydrogenated tallow) dimethyl ammonium chloride paste. Excellent softener, non yellowing properties.

    Biocides / Disinfectant Actives

    Arquad MCB 50

    C12-C16 alkyl benzyl dimethyl ammonium chloride(50%).

    Arquad 2.10-80

    Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride (80%).

    Arquad 2.8-50

    Dioctyl dimethyl ammonium chloride (50%).

    Triameen Y12D

    Dodecyl dipropylene triameen.

    Performance Polymers

    Alcosperse 747

    Acrylic Styrene copolymer for anti-redeposition, anti-greying, anti encrustation, soil suspension properties.

    Main Application : Liquid/Powder laundry detergent, dishwash liquid, anti scale.

    Alcosperse 408

    Acrylic/maleic copolymer

    Main Application : Liquid/Powder laundry detergent, dishwash liquid, anti scale.