Oil Field Chemicals

  • Acid Fracturing
  • Additives–Fracturing
  • Additives–Lubricants
  • Demulsifiers
  • Gas Oil Separators
  • Gas Sweetening

  • Acid Fracturing

    Silwet Hydrostable 212

    Superspreader / wetting agent, Additive in acid fracturing fluids.

    Silwet L-7607

    Highly compatible organosilicone surface tension reducing agent with excellent wetting, moderate conditioning and strong foaming properties.



    Additive, helps disperse proppants in the frac formulation


    PN 1000

    Fuel, Lube additive package.

    PN 200

    Fuel, Lube additive package.


    Silbreak Series

    Silbreak demulsifiers are excellent candidates to help overcome tough demulsification issues. Silbreak demulsifiers are a new class of materials that combine the outstanding surface activity of the siloxane polymer with the water. May act as boosters for organic demulsifier formulations at low concentrations. Can help improve the clarity of the separated water; practically oil-free water controlled speed of water separation. Reduced sludge, water wetting of solids effective.

    Gas Oil Separators

    FF 160 & FF 170

    FF160 and FF170 fluorosilicones are 100% active silicone polymers (modified with fluoro containin groups) that may be excellent candidates to provide significant performance in difficult non-aqueous foam systems. By combining the advantages of silicone and fluorocarbon chemistries, they may offer excellent foam control characteristics in a variety of systems, particularly those found with petroleum stocks in high pressure separators.

    Gas Sweetening

    SAG 10

    SAG 10 antifoam is an industrial-grade, general-purpose antifoam that may offer the double bonus of cost-effectiveness and significant performance. It normally disperses easily across an extensive range of applications, and is expected to remain stable and durable, especially in high pH systems

    SAG 47

    SAG 47 antifoam may be an excellent candidate for boosting performance in non-aqueous systems, vi reliable foam prevention. This moderately viscous compound may support an array of industrial applications at full as-supplied strength, in a solvent dispersion or in blends, depending on system needs. SAG 47 antifoam helps prevent foam through addition to the system before foaming begins.

    SAG 220

    SAG 220 silicone antifoam is a water dilutable emulsion which may be used for a wide variety of foam control applications.
    SAG 7133 antifoam emulsion and its more concentrated version, SAG 220 antifoam emulsion, are excellent candidates for controlling foam in amine and glycol dehydration units. Both have been extensively tested in a variety of gas plants and have demonstrated excellent stability in the presence of salts, resulting in reduced deposits on the plant’s equipment. SAG 7133 and SAG 220 help preserve foam control under the severe conditions of a dehydrating unit. These conditions can remove water from other antifoam emulsions, rendering them immediately inactive. SAG 47 antifoam compound is the product of choice if the antifoam is to be stored in extreme climate conditions, especially for very cold weather. It can easily be diluted to reduce its viscosity and actives.